Silver and bronze radio maps


I have searched the forum for other posts but cat find any… Is anyone else missing these maps? I haven’t seen one for weeks.


Yeah they’ve been missing for weeks, but the good news is that you can still get the radios as rewards in game!

Enjoy the radios being even more worthless than they were when the maps existed.

Keep surviving!


I need one of those ammo belt thingies and can’t get one without a radio log in or until my supply depot refreshes. So only useless 99% of the time…


They do drop on higher stages as well


No way really dude ?


At this point, radius are so useless, we should be able to convert them into some sort of item through the workshop.


I know but I wanted to take a short cut. I need it in my second region and don’t have time to keep playing levels to see if it will drop. Especially if it used to be a guaranteed thing with the radio.


I wish bronze/silver radios could be sold for gear markers.


You can have one of mine I have about 300

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