Side Missions Stuck

I know a nebulous fix date has been mentioned in the forums but I first reported this to customer service thru the app before the end of League season 1 and despite multiple repeat contacts they have yet to say anything other than they are reporting it. When the league related Side Missions were added they were collected in all the regions I play in (some Platinum level as well) except one - Berrien. There they are stuck for me and some others in my faction.

In that region I am at the Platinum League level. Those season tokens in other regions allowed me (and others who collected them in this region) to make multiple purchases. Having missed out on the season 1 options it is closing in missing the season 2 options as well. Is there any updated eta on the fix for this and will there be any opportunity to purchase the toons from previous seasons that others had access to?

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Same problem here been stuck without any help from customer support.

This was the answer 4 weeks ago:

And also noted 2 days ago there’s no change in status:


I asked this awhile back and it sounds like theyr e gonna pop after season 2

Don’t get your hopes up,its not really a priority for them.
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