Sick & Tired of WALKER, looking for new Home

Since transfers WALKER is going down and doesn’t show signs of stoppage. Activity is goodish but there are a lot of toxic players, territories are mostly controlled by walkers and I am struggling to war in EURO time zone. Leaving with a friend or two, looking for a friendly region and need some advice where to go. I am tempted to choose an European region all-together because I am no longer willing to spend my nights in this game. Any advice ?

Go to your Euro region. Am american but Fück being pimped by follow Americans just to cover their nights.

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Being night shift tho is like gold on american servers lol i luck out being night shift lol but to the op honestly idk, hop on line app and check out regions, lurk in the region with a baby account also cause lots of salesmen want to sale you their region esp of you can cover night shift, trust me i know what its like being night shift haha just beware the sales that will be pitched to ya

Tell those people to stop making gc so toxic.

Butler always has room!

Come to Cobb and enjoy being pimped by the Americans to fill their war rotation.

Source: fellow European

What are you talking about :joy: what fac are you in?

come to pickens…will put you in 2 ranked guild if you qualify
faction is named Association

Dude, come to Escambia. It’s a chill region with not much drama. Factions are recruiting right now, so come on over!