Shutting Off Rushes *Solved

Just a quick thought, but, in war and S. Road, it would be So much faster and easier if there were a way to manually disable Rushes;
especially in War, when seconds can be vital in take-over of towers, etc.

Shutting off rushes would eliminate those costly seconds.

U just don’t need a rush in auto-mode while cleaning out walkers.

Thanks for listening. :’)


It’s a suggestion nearly as old as the game itself. I don’t think they’re ever adding this.


Thanks, I figured other players must have raised the issue, but thought I’d jump on the complaint wagon.

Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since anyone brought it up. At least that I’ve seen. But I’ve always hoped for this.

No one ever expected they’d add 3x auto either though. So you never know unless we ask :slight_smile:
I would love to see a toggle for AR and AS though. Maybe just 2 small spots above each toon. Green and they’ll rush, or tap to turn red and they won’t. This way you could still have some rush to buff crit or heal when necessary. Or however you want to use it :slight_smile:


Don’t we need rocket launcher to fire thou🤷🏼‍♂️

Use rocket abe for towers and Kenny, Trainer teams for walker stages

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Yes sorry I was just thinking of War, of course your spot on :hugs:

I’d like to see a semi-auto mode added, where the toons will only attack normally on auto mode (no AR or AS), but you can tap their AR buttons to make them go off on their next turn or swipe to make them use their AS.

Rocket Abe would still beat your team in a tower race…even if you turned off your rushes.

Yeah but with rush off, the toon should get AP

They will never add this because you can’t monetize it. That’s what the gold, silver, and bronze tokens are for.

Yeah who cares really. Just figure out a team that will work with the current set up

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