Shown your Ying Yang collectible pulls

As title suggests flex your amazing collectible pulls

Here are some of my amazing pulls


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I what to see if anyone has got Keys etc from raid crates


So true but Ewwwwww

No one got any from raid crates yet🤷🏼‍♂️

Hopefully I keep pulling keys and cones and the torches too. Only thing in the entire stash that even slightly interests me.

Chocolate cake isn’t useful as I have no other way of getting more so 1000 still leaves me 1000 short of Laopo


So far ive got 100 keys and 100 cones from the crates, well over 50 opened. I have thousands of yang pieces tho :roll_eyes:


Ouch, a refill, chocolate cake and an arena ticket. You have my condolences

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