Showing off my my Zachary raid team


I’d love to have zachary, where do you pick him up?

I still love my Zachary on Sr. Did you pick up Jason? He’d go well in that team.

Im have zacary util now in my team

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Yeah - That Earl is a Cheapskate!

I got him from war wheel

Did u watch the video? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Replace ivanova with scarr, you have infinite taunt loop while bleeding the other team

Most of it

Would love for them to put Zachary in the League Store for next season. A 6 star thats still usable and would be better than the F2P S-Class toons we’ve gotten for the most part.


Aww this is cute, what wave is this?

I thought so too^^

I have Zach and I can say that he really isn’t very viable now that toons like Angel are common. If you try to use his AR, you wipe half your team. If you can’t use his AR because you have a nearly constant trauma, he’s a wasted character.

As others have said, he’s not bad in SR and a few other modes, but he has definitely left the meta-unlike AR Doc who still can have some use.

Viable against Trader teams, Zachs not dead yet🤗

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