Showing off my Jason Bleed team


I think Jason is a great Lacerator as well, as far as I understand the only S-Class lacerators, are Daiyu and Jason, my bleed team plan is Raulito, Daiyu, Jason, Red Magna Shield, and I haven’t quite decided what to do about the last slot, Maybe Wangfa??? Im not a million miles away from getting him, but also I think maybe a healer of some sorts Herschal or Maggie?

Or I have a really sick maxed Yellow Martinez, maybe just add another lacerator in there, I also have a maxed out Jaifeng, she would be good as well.

Thanks for the Video Capt’n

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& Shiela

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Ah true - I had forgotten about her, and she has a revive in her kit as well, she would be a good edition for a bleed team, her only real problem is that she is not that obtainable, especially for ftp, but having a revive lacerator in a bleed team would be pretty sweet.