Show your Erika teams

Who do you guys run behind Erika? If possible, show some P2P and F2P team builds. Thanks

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Erika, Erika, gov, siddiq, Glen.
Maybe good, but i dont have this.

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Erika Erika Erika Siddiq Koa

Thats somewhat toxic lol

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Which gov … Evasion or neuter

Erika, erika, erika, taunt gov, hersh guardian all with stun
Works well get a nice list of timeout defends

Thanks for the set ups! Those are some nice teams

Erika, michonnex3, magna

This is my Erika team:




I would love to use my Monica behind Erika… If I had her :expressionless:

Erika, Dwight, siddiq, mira, depot gov.
All stun/impair

I think you need to spend more :blush:

Nice, but what’s the point anymore?



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