Show your drafted teams

I never loose with this team no matter what lol I usually use doc steve Instead of Morgan but OK this is what I got today

Excuse me? Do I even know u?

Got a few S11-12 teams with a setup about like this.

Seriously if you don’t use Amber, with def down, behind a shield, you’re asking for trouble. Lol


Lol my post was removed


what is attacking order strategy you are using with this team here


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Fl@gging my post lol so soft


No troubles bro, I won against all the teams, amber just didn’t showed up idk y though but here’s my second draft

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Draft is the only Arena they did that I really enjoy. Haven’t done Draft yet today but looking forward to it.


Draft needs more new toons


It does, but It’s a barely disguised shop window…“here, play with all these premium attack toons, wasn’t that fun? Now spend, spend spend to do it for real.” :wink:

Really depends what league you are in. If you are in gold or platinum, draft must be super easy with toons like that against Michelle and Eric leads.

However, draft is super hard when trying to beat to new s class teams in Diamond and some platinum. Those teams require the perfect synergy to beat and them having fully modded weapons is a huge pain.

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