Show your determination! - nightmare SR


Share your final outcome (nightmare - SR)

I compeleted until -> Legendary - stage 10.

Elite and Legendary levels pls!
(yes, this is a flex thread)

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Gold 13. I experimented with auto a bit too much and had to struggle 80 stages with my F class 6*s :frowning:

Which is determination under the circumstances!


Yeah, I lost a lot too because of the auto mode :confused:


Silver 1-Quit because I had no motiviation to go further


stop after i finish silver


Not too much flexing so far lololol


Flex lol


Elite 28
I just got bored with it all. I coulda gone further but the human stages were just so monotonous. Not a big enough carrot. Maybe if the milestone rewards scaled higher I woulda pushed more.

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Flex because you wanted to waste cans and time. Good for you lol :joy:

I like life outside the game and sleep so I didn’t waste cans…and the levels were way too time consuming, no thanks.


Why do you assume it took any of that to complete? Is it safe to assume you never bother with any SR since it takes time, or do you usually finish them?


only made it to gold


Silver, level 13 or so, didn’t keep track . . . . . . . . didn’t care.


Congrats :slight_smile:


Elite stage 1, with nothing but moxie and sheer cheapness


That moxie must be going round did just one stage more than urself lol


Good fun, worth it getting my faction first place for those tickets!


Finished gold on natural Entergy and decided not to can cos it was boring af and scopely doesn’t deserve my cans for this horrible event


Legendary 31 took almost 2 hours of autoplay this event needs 1 day extra and we can finish it lost 9 yellows and a lot of cans and kits

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Legendary 1… :joy::joy:
My toons just died, they gave up


Elite 25…

I gave up and didn’t even bother to set alarms every 2hrs…