Show your Combat Mods



**Hi All,

I am looking for visual help from the community with the combat mods.
Show the mods you use on your toons.

Ex: I used 4 Gold mods and only got a small increase in stats, I feel I’m using the combat mods wrong.
i used previous post from other players to help with my stats. everyone seems to be sensitive in sharing the mod choices for their toons.



Problem here is the crit set mods - the boost crit damage, but not base stats. The only increase in stats you are getting here is from the defence boost

edit: if you want visuals, my Shiva is here: Shiva now pay2win toon


Thanks, i see ur shiva has a nice increase. but i don’t know what Mods u used.


Yes you’re using your mods wrong. Out of your 5 mods, you only have 1 that increases stats (defense). You made a 5 mod slot bonus, but it’s for critical damage (not to be confused with critical CHANCE, something that


As you can see I have attack and defence up stat mods, plus HP set bonus meaning all three stats are boosted


Example similar to yours


Thanks for sharing !


A few examples of varying boosts…

Some boosting just one stat such as michonne for offense. Others boosting multiple such as magna or erika

Not sure why I put garrett in twice


hi, i hope this help you, i still have wanderer to ascend and red andrea.


thanks for sharing, this will help me out big time !


Thanks for sharing ! Your Michonne is hitting hard !


Here is my Aris behind a carl lead she has 4k def and almost 4k hp

Also a great mod set on my Ezekiel im leveling up



Thanks everyone for sharing, this will help out the newbies and some of us older players that are trying to make the best of their toons.

it would be great if others can join in to keep this going.


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