Show some seasonal cheer, put up kite maps!

kites have been a reward multiple times throughout the year, so why not put them up again every 2 days refresh the color, giving ppl a chance to get the reward that was almost their to be grabbed earlier in the year?

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Kites or Flags for that matter are not completely out of the picture and I know that the team is considering running more road-maps in the future.


Green kites map please.

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Actually put kites in the kite crates would be nice

I’ve been waiting for red kites for a very long time. I want my Axel. Haha.

Show us some acendance offers

Would love a red kite map

@Apex98 @a-rex1 I know you would. I have passed on these requests and it is on the desk of the team for integration if they decide to do so.


Thank you @GR.Scopely

Future 2 years kkk

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