Show me your Ying Yang collection

Here’s my pile of Poopie

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Every time you post/see such screenshots or threads like “Show me your pulls…” you involuntarily start comparing yourself to other people. And sometimes you’ll find out that you are behind and will feel the urge to “keep up”.

It most cases that means: spend more.

By now we all know that your results are not defined by luck, but by Scopely’s employees.

So if you don’t want to work for Scopely for free, please, restrain yourself from posting such screenshots.


Oh yeah - I can the steam coming of that one!

lol that’s not going to happen🤗

I have only 8/50. All milestones in every event. F2p
Not spending money for this or even coins :-1:t2:

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I have a little more


An event featuring the balance symbol of yin and yang, seems to really misinterpret the nature of balance.


That is, without question, the best remark I’ve read on here. Just hitting “like” didn’t do it justice. :joy:

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What’s your crate drop ratio???

Crate drop was good roughly 50% I did get 200 ice cream in the end but man I had to open a lot, No blue keys and I’m F2P for quiet a while now🤗

Totally f2p grinding. Believe me if you want.


To be honest yes I do, I am 700 short doing the same thing, won last 3 level ups, one raid and 1 Sr Congrats bud that’s Awesome WTG :+1:

I think it’s stupid they don’t offer the cones it the raid sr and lvl up rewards as a you pick one reward

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No bull just pulled 100 100 and 50 ice creams in 3 pulls just weird, either they’ve changed drop rate in which case I’m gutted I opened them before or🤷🏼‍♂️

Sorry I take that back they were collectible crates from the ice cream road map :frowning:

This is nice, need more than 4 each tho.

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