Show me your working place :-)

During this hard times of hate on Scopely and game, let’s try to focus on something fun and different :slight_smile:

Show me your working - here’s mine:

Logistics Coordinator at Arla


I work at maccies lol

I work out of our workshop in the garage since my wife won’t share her office. This is my business and my Fun All in one.


i’m working at scopely office as janitor

I work at my house as a security man with cameras…you wont get a pic of me EVEERR

I work in a warehouse as a reach truck operator.



Here u go

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What do you guys do?

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I own a few mini storage facilities, two parking garages, and four parking lots. We are also in the process of opening up a gourmet donut shop. And by I I mean the company I own.

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Damn your high class. Im low class and (Im a freshman who’s gonna get a job to keep the cash flow) I do surveys online. But its a bit boring since You can get disqualified at 100% I made like 9.8mil in gems (98 dollars and earned in total) from surveys.

work hard if your school offers vocational training take it. I went to school to be an engineer and it just wasn’t for me. I came back went to trade school and became a diesel tech. Before we bought our first storage unit we did well just off my income as a diesel technician. So do not think of yourself as Low class Anybody can do anything they put their mind to in life.


I wanna get into the game industry. Rap/music is evil due to greedy cunts

(Does sc have tax? Meaning I can get a 25$ giftcard and get it?)

Wow, busy calendar, you must be an important guy!

I love overwatch

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I work as sCopelies Uber driver and lace all the food with something brown.

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My office is a brown truck

I make games now,and I promise you it’s not as much fun as you might think.

I am going to second that, not that I’m a game designer but I’ve got to meet a lot of the guys from dice LA and Dice Stockholm. Those guys work crazy amount of hours and a crazy amount of work to hit deadlines.


All I really do is work with UNITY,And gamemaker but it still makes me want to commit bullet brain

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