Show me your pulls :D


Hey guys I’m interested to know what do you get from the anniversary pulls :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got anna and michonne (I already had 1 anna from lvl up :heart: )


Kal, Romanov, Anna. All 5*.


Anna and Gov, both 5 stars, had neither before so that’s good though I would definitely take another Anna.


Only 1 pull and was Alpha. Got mine coming up tomorrow


Nice pulls, yep other anna for me considering gov you can buy it from supply depot


Great pulls with carl you got an excellent team right there


I don’t have Carl. Gave up hoping for him long ago. Don’t even want him anymore.


12 6* Erikas from the new player offers. Oh wait, I didn’t even get those offers


3 pulls:Zeke, Zeke, Zeke


Got Andrea, hopefully I’ll get 2nd and fingers crossed a 3rd pull. Really hoping to get a Shield or a Revive, bc that’s the only way I’ll get one seeing how $copely still hasn’t released a F2P Shield & Revive. Still waiting on a regular Legacy 2months later.


Koa would of been the perfect shield to give as ftp. Just look at him beside magna and jesus… that’s about the difference between ftp and p2p characters lol


I got kal and magna



,best pull ever,


Spencer 5* and then koa 6*


I concur… hes great and all that… I just didnt need another!


Red Jesus, Kal and Magna. All 5*s, no duplicates yet. Not bad.


I got connor #sadtimes


I’ve pulled Dante & Alpha from anniversary tokens, but also shield Koa & revive Tyreese from survival tokens.

Still want my 3 anniversary pulls for a quid though!:rofl:


5* zeke, 5* KOA, 6* red gov and 5* spencer. I get one more pull in 2 days :slight_smile:


Got MAgna 5* and Richard 5*
Magna is awesome…
but don’t know about Richard, feel like it’s the worst of them all…