Show dem coin Pullz

I pulled Camila with three pulls during the build your team event. I was orginally going for gear, so I guess I can’t complain in that regard. Other than that, most of my ascendables have been from five star tokens.

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Me too, all of mine are free to play except Erika who i got in walker head tokens and Mackenzie who i got in Green Tokens. Camilla is a great toon though man

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Nice, Erika would be a nice toon to have.

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And using those coins, I just pulled Tobin on a single pull, after 3 x 10 pulls with nothing but four stars rip all those wasted coins. Oh well, basically got him for free.

So far 4x 100 coins. Rng cant do below that…shame

100, 150 and then 2500!
Also did the roadmap twice, investing 500 coins, and got back 500. A fair deal. :sweat_smile:

Faction mate pull


Lucky. I pulled 100 and 200

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If that ain’t adapting to overcome then I don’t know what is :joy::+1:t2: bravo

You’re a legend

Probably a hacker

I’m so bad at gambling

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