Shovels only on store


There are no more shovels on raids ?
The museum only shows the offer to get them


Shovels recently stopped dropping from raids for good. So yeah, you’ll have to buy them.


dont worry scopely is so lazy the Christmas event will prolly use shovels and they will have a 1 for 1 trade for a pull for chmave for erica


Very interesting


@JB.Scopely I believed in you and now I need 500 more… nice move


Why didn’t you read your in game messages?


Fatal error. The word “usually” gives the get out clause and “usual” deniability.

Maybe we need a glossary


Event ended per what they relayed to us. Why u mad bro. Plan better or actually read their mail. Suck it up throw some dollars on the coins and get the crates if u really want these toons.


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