Shovels not dropping


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They are dropping as much as they have all day but now it’s 60-120 I seen a 270 that wasn’t me


Are they? I am only getting the Halloween items :confused:


I just got shane like 10 mins a go had to burn a bunch of tanks and it didn’t help with like no1 dropping def after some leaders on global said they where having people drop def


Just dropped six energy. 5x2 Cauldrons and a Basic token as drops

@JB.Scopely - did anyone at Scopely just stop and think for a second “let’s wait for the current event to finish before screwing with raid drops”. Halloween is still a week away, so its not like waiting the day and a bit we have left would have made any difference…


I hear ya. 18 raids an 1 shovel drop. Handful of halloween crap. Then a bigger handful of regular crap


Well I just got 120 shovels from my 7th this morning (free energy, not dropping cans outside a tournament for these steaming piles of turd rewards)


120 + 40 + 40 shovels, and 2 + 2 cauldrons on 5 raids. Don’t need any shovels, so that’s what get an excess of. Wonderful.


It’s all random! As scopee always says but it’s certainly not truly random. There is a system in place that makes the random system biased.


I’m only pulling shovels. I need the cauldrons


i see you are new here and you dont know how it works.

if you try to complete the shovels collection, you’ll get the cauldrons, but for people like me who pulled the shovels and don’t need it get all the shovels in the world. i had like 2000 since morning… skiplay rng!

ps. joke on the new here

this! :sunglasses:


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