Shovels have stopped dropping?


I just dropped three cans and no shovel drops. Is anyone else experiencing this?


I’m still getting them


show off!! LOL okay thank you I will keep trying


They’re still dropping for me.


They’re definitely dropping for me, even though I would prefer it if they didn’t. It’a all about them cauldrons now.


Shovels aren’t dropping as often as they were, however, they are dropping in larger quantities now when they do drop. Was regularly getting 20 or 35 a drop (screw you scopely), but now I’m getting at least 120 per. Too bad its only been 3 drops out of 18 raids. :unamused:


for me, It decreased considerably

1 out of 6 fights or so


Same here. Go away shovels! Bring on more cauldrons!!


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