Shovel drops nerfed even more?


I’m getting one drop in 4-5 raid wins+ now. Just won 6 raids in a row and not a single shovel…

Anyone else getting better luck?

I’m up to 12.5k, but wont be able to do much over the weekend - hoping to nail this one… or will it be another #MichoneHeadGate


Dude you have 7 days left keep up with raids and you should be fine, im at 11k atm


6 drops from 6 raids, i’m at 10.5k


Am on to my second pull soon, just hope they sell the rakes


11,235 - don’t recall a single raid without a drop, but I might be wrong. Certainly just got 6/6 between reading this post and making this response


I notice that shovels haven’t drop more i keep on getting 2 star gear.Currently im at 14k shovels at the moment


I had stretches earlier this Monday/Tuesday where id get about 200-300 shovels every 15 raids. Then about an hour later, I’d get 60+ every attempt. It’s random, bad stretches happen. Not a nerf


Need less than 2k more. Not dropping every raid but no biggie :sunglasses:


So you’re gonna pretty much buy a free character.


It could be the RNG hating me but getting the last 500 was nothing like getting the 14.500. It was 20-35 shovels every other raid and earlier on I’d get 110, 80 and the higher numbers of shovels pretty regularly and frequently.


I only have like 6k shovels. Doesnt look like I would have gotten them anyway.




i dont even bother to do those boring raids i have better things to do. probably will get Gleen in supply depot or another wheel xD and Maggie is trashy


U have almost 14k more often than not they drop for me


Today definitely seemed less than usual

Got my Glenn :sunglasses:


I’ve had one big drop of 110 but most raids I get between 0 -30.

I’m only at 7400 so won’t be finishing despite raiding as much as I can. :frowning:


Same here


Cba with it. Don’t need any more ascendables i don’t have legendary medals for.


13.5k and i will pick my 2nd lori :slight_smile:


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the drop rates personally. I had enough to collect it on Friday if I wanted to.

And I wasn’t even trying to get them as I already have 4 of each of them turds as it is.
But I can see that just bc they’re dropping from me doesn’t mean they are for everyone. If I could give you mine I would.