Shovel drops end when?


Has it been made known when shovel drops are ending? I see the collection has a bit under 3 days left to run but don’t want to be left short if the drops end early (as has happened before). Has anyone heard anything?


Hi Alyx,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Limited time collections usually display the remaining time directly within the Museum.

For example, at the time of answering this to you, there is still 2 days and 16 hours left to gather Shovels, through raiding other players.

Good luck!

Shovels not dropping
Shovels only on store
What a bloody rip-off with the shovels event!

Which is what one would reasonably expect… But there’s been a history of museum items stop dropping a day or so before the finish.

So if you could confirm they’ll drop till the end, it’ll be greatly appreciated


So Halloween items dropping instead of shovels in raids.
Huh… How about that?


Both are plus random crap


Yes. The only thing I’m getting from raids are stupid Halloween items that idgaf about. I was so close of getting my Glenn ;-;


Just keep burning them tanks I had to burn a good 20-30 of them today


Yeah Scopley has mucked up another one. Just done 18 raids, 1 shovel drop and a handful of Halloween drops.

No doubt an “offer” will pop to buy shovels.



Funny thing is, I wouldn’t begrudge them putting up an offer. They’d be stupid not to.

But by mixing these events, and indirectly reducing (dare I say it, nerfing) the drop rate of the shovels, they’ve basically just opened themselves up to more accusations of greed.


At this point, it’s safe to say it’s standard operating procedure.

Paying players first


They drop from raids only today, they do not drop from them as long as museum collection, so would expect them to end in around 9hrs time, there was no time so collect what you need before then


Shovels stopped dropping for me. I can see they are available from raids, but odds are really low.

Edit: got some to drop after 5 cans lol


So we were told 2d 16h but turns out it ended 24h before that, quite a few of us that didn’t finish I’m sure. Why do events sometimes end before the timer?


The reason for events ending before the timer is so that people have time to claim the museum collection. In the past the events end and timers were too close that a lot of people were asleep in some timezones and unable to claim. Can’t think of it as the event ending before the timer, the event ends when indicated in the message, the collection is open longer to give everyone a chance to collect.

As far as @JB.Scopely’s comment about 2 days 16 hours, that’s another case of misinformation from him that he will claim was interpreted wrong. But despite what he said, the in game message said the event ended on the 24th but the collection ends 24 hours later. So do you listen to the company rep or the in game information? Both are known to be wrong.


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