Shovel and rake event

I think the raids event for collecting shovels shoild be extended for 1 extra day for those that were close to gathering enough but fell just short, I my self have 2 accounts and had plenty of raid cans on one account so almost got double what i needed, bit on my second account with no raid cans and the fact thatbi kept getting basic tokens and elite weapon tokens for raids I came up just 430 shovels short of the needed amount, please consider this and give those that are so close a chance to finish out their collection for one of the four ascendable characters,
Thank you very much in advance for consideration of this idea

I got enough shovels on both accounts 2nd account I took Glenn didn’t have him only had Lori

well i did 10 cans not one drop of shovels whats bullshit you should not not start another event till one is finished i feel cheated as i don’t have time to play and when i get time the shovels stop dropping you guys are a rip off mob i don’t know who is in charge but he need to be fired for being a moron all you guys are a money garbing greedy idiots the game will soon die and you be out of job

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While the day went on the drops got worse in the morning were I live they where dropping really rare

They should just extend every event for people who missed out and then nothing would ever end

It was a shit event anyway. In a top faction and 80 percent didn’t even bother.

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