Shout out to "The Infected" on an awesome war


Just wanted to well done and thank you to “The Infected” Faction

The back and forth for 2nd place between DR and them was the most fun me and some of the guys have had in war for a long time :slight_smile:

TY Guys


:scream: wow some positivity on the forums! I am def in the twilight zone


haha yes i think we are lol

For the last few hours we would trade 2nd and third place every war right up until the end. Most fun in war for ages

Last war we had that with 3rd and 4th, war got crazy lol

Hate you and your teams.

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prob more so some of the other members, i prob have one of the easier defences i think

Shout out to Public Enemy for beating The Infected so hard

We just didn’t have the activity :expressionless:

Congrats! You beat us so hard too!

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