Shouldn't arenas give more champ tickets & vet rings now that your league group is so much bigger?

If league groups aren’t much bigger than before then disregard this thread but I’m pretty sure they are. Can anyone confirm/deny?

If I’m correct about this, shouldn’t arena championship tickets (as well as other prices) be given to more places now? It seems that if you have 2 times as many competitors then 2 times as many placements (top 10 in this case instead of top 5) should be given championship arena tickets.

Perhaps this was their goal, as it certainly increases the competition. Mission accomplished there, but making champion tickets much harder to get can be demotivating and lead back to the ol’ widening of the gap that seems to have shrunk a bit since the Player’s Council. Only the rich get the vet rings. Or people will just continue to win a couple arenas and throw everything else to not get promoted same as before so they can actually get some vet rings, as this is the only method to do so.


Basically. Yeah it should. We always doing more for less…


That’s the scopley way work hard for less

I see there’s a more robust discussion of arena issues here (for some reason I didn’t see this during my search), though I don’t see this particular issue (group size) mentioned:

why should they? $copely made CRW into 12-16 region matchup and kept the rewards still same… The word fair does not exist in $copelyville.


lol. If they actually want to increase competition then they need to motivate said competition by offering better rewards. Increased difficulty, whether by more and/or tougher opponents in your pool is completely demotivating if there aren’t greater rewards. I guess it’s back to sandbagging same as in the old system so you don’t get promoted. At least if rings are your main concern. If coins then maybe not(?) Haven’t looked closely at that.

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It’s been discussed, possibly in the player council threads or other league/arena threads

OK. Thanks. I think my search skills need some work. That thread I mentioned above is already closed. I’ll see if there are some other open ones.

Yeah they close threads too early imo.

I think most of us were of the opinion that bigger groupings should come with an equivalent expansion in the spread of rewards

The latest player council thread has a little on the subject

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its always the same song and dance. $copely introduces or reintroduces stuff in the guise of “for players” but in actuality they are slowly taking away our resources. shit wrapped in giftbox is still shit after all.


I dont really think so. My personal take.

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