Should you sacrifice mod builds

I typically try to run gold and plat mod sets but I’ve got some silver mods that would be useful (stun resist for instance).

Is the drop in set bonus worth the potential of having the right mod on your build out?

I haven’t gotten stun or taunt mods in ages, I guess they nerved the drops since mercer & princess

I think I only have 1 gold stun resist. I have a few silvers which is why I’m asking.

My magna set went from 670 to 650 when I dropped in a silver stun resist. That seems like a no brainer if the right silver mod only costs me 20hp

I say it depends on the strength of the individual mod. Or if the function is absolutely essential and you don’t have a decent on set version

Don’t be afraid to go off set a bit. I prefer to try and make whole sets but people can go too far and put useless mods on a toon just for the set bonus


On my current main, I’ve got 4 gold taunt resists. I managed to get a silver to round that team out.

I’m coming for you princess…

You can use them in old school arena if needed

Full 5 set bonus is not as important as having a higher resist rate imo


I agree! I Sold all silver Mods they are crap. The % are to small. Can not imagine someone rly use silver Mods these days :joy: except in Oldschool Arena


Aye but even my old school endurance teams have gold mods!

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How come people still use silver mods? :flushed:

Maybe it’s a new region but I can’t see that happening in a no new region lol

Don’t use silver mods in your main team… as others said a good mod is > than match 5mods cause of the set. I for example have a 75% stun resist crit set that I use in an atk set, so I have 4 atk set and this one crit.

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Yes why not. I also use a 75% Stun Resi Crit Mod in another Set. It’s ATK too. That’s a different of 39 or 60,70 Points :man_shrugging:t4: But except in newer Region nobody use Silver Mods anymore, even in Oldschool they use them not. The % so low that’s totaly wasted. To use a Mod under 50% make nö sense. These Mods would be triggerbin 1 or 2 of 10 cases. Then just put in another Mod with accurate % and go for another save Resi and a result you can, half way count with

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I’ll sometimes use a very high silver if I’m desperate. Probably got a silver daze resist on a few dudes

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Same, I do keep a few of the rarer silver ones like Daze resist, trauma resist etc. I don’t have any gold ones so they can be useful sometimes.


The worst thing is just to get a decent Plat Mod you can rly use. And then it lvl up at Max lvl under Gold Mods % you already own… That so annoying just


Ain’t that the truth :rofl:

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Forgetting the fact that silver mods can be AP drain? The value of AP drained between silver and platinum is not as high or as important, while the chanve to activate is the same (minor)… as soon as it drains at least 20 AP, it’s a good mod to be used in set as it still gives a bonus.

If you got 4 set mods (gold / platinum mix) and can’t get your hands on a solid resist mod from this set, you’re better off putting in a high resist mod from a different set than using a low resist silver one from the set… But as @C.J mentioned, if you don’t have such resist at all from a higher grade, the silver one can be your desperate choice… I’d focus on other resist (stun/taunt being the prime choice, but daze and confuse have their uses too), preferably, but that’s up to you then.

Especially if you consider the stat boosts and stat set boosts made a difference for 5* and regular 6*… the S-class toons can get their stats pumped so high with lead bonus and weapon boost (both multiplicative) that a flat adder of the mods makes little difference

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