Should we have another pathways event?

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  • No

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Hi everyone this is a poll I wanted to build remember last years pathways event ? Should we have another one ? (And if not reply saying why we shouldn’t have another one) I did that event as an s5 player I didnt even have a 6* character yet if scopely brought it back it would be awesome if this post gets alot of attention maybe @WalkerTexasRanger and @TayTron will consider it :thinking::woozy_face:

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I can’t recall the specifics of the pathway event but I do remember it being amazing where the rewards were worthy of the grind. I do remember collecting 20k in coins and getting a boatload of trainers though.

Does anyone recall what the rest of the rewards were?

I also highly doubt we will ever see an event as good as pathways again unless its 90% buried behind the paywall.

Also with these new lame trainer caps, it would also prevent anyone from getting anywhere close to the amounts from pathways. I’ve already lost close to 50 Benedicts and I’ve noticed none of them come in bags as rewards either. This game is a joke and not a funny one at that.


The rewards from pathways were
A ascendable govenor, ascendable negan, and an ascendable alpha
The crates after you spend crossbones would get you like 10 crates 10 bennies per crate with a chance for 20k coins
I for one got 20k coins and a bunch of bennies and since the trainer cap is 250 we would have alot of bennies and for new coming players it would be a great start it was for me anyways and hey maybe we can get a event similar in structure with bennies and coins but instead of ascendables we can get s class related items, there is always hope we can always hope for a good event from scopely and if this post blows up it might happen. :yum::blush::wink:


No because pathways suckkkkkeddd

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Why :thinking: do you have an explanation as to why you feel this way ?

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Pretty overwhelming so far👍

Pathways was an interesting event for me, at the time from memory the best team I could cobble together was S 7, and my faction that I was in was pretty sad, so getting all the faction milestones was never an option, I did have illusion of getting Pieper for about a week before the penny dropped, and I realized that was not going to happen for me.

I did the Governor map successfully, and he has been a good acquisition for me, his burn cleanse has been a big help on Survival road walker stages, and he may see a Renascence, if burn towers are going to be a thing. I do remember being really annoyed at the Negan Map, because it said it was an S 7 level, so I felt that I should be able to complete it, I just didn’t have the right combination of toons to get through it ,and had to give it away 1/2 way through. So that sucked, and I didn’t even try the Alpha Map.

However by the end - I had so many trainers, Basils and Bennedicts it was amazing ! For me, all of sudden I got to complete a whole heap of half started, six star projects, that really pushed me forward -However! I always figured, and maintain to this day, that was a coding mistake, they were going to put in Burts and Brady’s, but someone hit the wrong button, and it became Basils and Benny’s instead, but all the players were so happy, that they did not dare to nerf it.

My conspiracy is this - and that is why they have not repeated pathways, because it was a mistake on their part, that made it awesome. If they released it now, as it had been intended too, the player community would have a fit, and rightly so, and demand to know where their Benny’s are? If they release it again in the same way, they will lose a mountain of revenue on trainer sales.

They run the Kendama challenge repeatedly and say that is what the players want, except I have never seen a thread that says “Hay Kendama was awesome! Lets do that again!”
But there are plenty of threads like this one that says - " Hay Pathways was freaken sweet, can we do that again?"


I got nothing but crap

I wrote one a long time ago.

[ETA] I’ve mellowed a bit on the event since then, but I still would much prefer not to see it again.


yes we should

was a good evernt everyone enjoyed it, people have asked for something similar a 100 times

So as past experience goes as people enjoyed it and we have asked for another event like it we wont get it.

Look at the FA events, we have told them a 1000 times we really enjoyed the first FA event do more FA events exactly the same we will even buy FA tickets, somehow in translation at Scopley HQ this converts into change the event make it for burts and crappy trainers

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People want the rewards lol

The structure and format of the event seems to mean little to most.

It was an extreme grind but paid off if you were willing to put in it work. Yes please to another event!!!

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I also got govenor from this event and I was one of the lucky few who pulled 20k coins from the bennie box wish we could see another event like pathways it was great and hey scopely could release another good event every now and again as fan service because it’s smart to keep your players hapoy if you wanna make profit. :thinking::yum::blush:

Maybe @TayTron and @WalkerTexasRanger should come look at this poll and consider it :smirk:

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There was no such thing as crap from that event, you must not have got what you wanted although many others did, if you think there has been any event better than pathways in the last year, please enlighten me on it :woozy_face::smirk::blush:

You remind me of my sister

He wasn’t lucky to get any coins from the event, so therefore it “sucks” for everyone.

You are just too negative my friend :smirk::wink:

Nah, I like my sister. No negativety

Most likely, but hey 100 bennies never killed anyone tho ?