Should we always expect Scopely to release broken events and mechanics?

With the recent coin gate, broken promo characters, and the ridiculous AI changes I’ve lost hope that this game is going to get any better

It has always been like this. Ever. Don’t expect anything by them then you won’t get disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Why you still had hope? :smiley:

Yeah. There’s almost always SOME bug involved when they implement something new or have a major event. They put out a lot of content so probably don’t play test very much before pushing things out.

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I know I do :man_shrugging: :joy: that’s why I’m not a fan of updates, bc something Always goes wrong.
But in all seriousness, in the close to 4 years I’ve been playing I can’t remember even a Single update that went off without some type of bug, issue, glitch or “gate”. And this will continue to happen when you rush updates all in the name of $¢op€£¥.

If updates were beta tested longer than 2 days and beta along with community feedback was taken into consideration pre-launch there wouldn’t be as many issues when updates finally go live. But that’s just my opinion.


Can’t believe it took u this long to lose hope

What is truly sad is that some people are saying that this screw up was the most fun they’ve had with the game in a very long time. Scopes truly has a choke hold on things that would make this game fun again


Well at first it was irritating and annoying…but after yesterday we should actively encourage scopely to up the bug production as they say.
Game needs more bugs then a rotting zombie thats managed to stay alive since season one of the walking dead .
That way we are guaranteed more screw up on par or even surpassing skullgate.
Long may the gates continue and reign supreme.

I mean telling them to sort out the bugs hasn’t exactly helped so far, so I guess reverse psychology while making them aware of worst case scenarios🤷
I dunno…I give up…

And their screw ups are considered the high points on their events.
Signs on how they are actively they are to keep fun away from the game

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Yes it is expected.

Yes, everything they release is broken

“Should we always expect scipley to release broken events and mechanics?”

The answer is yes because their track record speaks for itself but in a new twist to their tried and true formula expect them to follow it up with a passive aggressive name calling.

We’re all opportunists now! :laughing:

Not without being compensated for their mess ups every other game when there is some kind of mistake on there behalf they always give something and scopley doesn’t that’s messed up

This isn’t every other game though …

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