Should the Wheels be scrapped?

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing fantastic!
This is something I have been thinking about for a while, and I am curious to know what your thoughts are, I am not sure how this Topic will be received, but as long as I get this out there, I am content, later in this post, I will suggest an alternative that I feel could be good.

So, I think the wheels should be scrapped, serious amounts of coins and real currency are splashed on these wheels just for a chance to get a particular character. They aren’t guaranteed to get that character, but simply a small chance to obtain them.
This is pretty much gambling, as with gambling, you give away something of value that you possess, in the games case, coins, in hopes of getting a payout, which is in this case, a specific character.

This game may be targeted for mature audiences, but we all know that children and people under 18 can access the game, and with the game basically being one big slot machine, it introduces them to gambling, and makes them spend hard earned coins, or even hard earned real life currency, on a chance to get something they want, and whether or not they succeed, it will only drive them to spend more money.

I believe that a good alternative could be to introduce a “Market”. It could be updated every week or so, and have a range of characters that are available to buy with coins, at a fair price, with promo’s being slightly more expensive due to being brand new.

The key point I want to mention in that suggestion is fair pricing, don’t be selling a Gator or something for 2,000 coins. If it is an older character, make them cheaper, if it is a recent character, like Ryan that recently released, then have him be more expensive, but not out of this world expensive. Have character prices gradually decrease overtime so they are eventually obtainable for everyone.

With this, people can save up to buy the character they wish to buy, and not be in fear of spending coins they have been saving for months just to have a chance of obtaining a character.

Anyways, let me know what you think, I believe this could work and would be cool, but I am just a single person, I am curious to know what you all think, have a great day!


No amount of good or even bad suggestions matter. If it were a suggestion that could make scopely more money, then it would matter. That’s it. Don’t waste your breath.


Maybe, but I feel it is worth a shot to make a suggestion

So did people 4 years ago. Ask them now


I don’t lose much by typing out a suggestion, but what I gain is knowing that the suggestions provided aren’t being taken into consideration. Based off your comment, Scopely don’t appear to take suggestions on board, which may very well be true. I just wanted to take the time to share something I thought of and bring it to everyone’s attention for their thoughts and opinions on it :slight_smile:

No prob. Just providing info. GL.

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Lol if you could just purchase whatever characters you want most ppl would get a character they want every once in a while. The p2w on the other hand would have a consistent team of the strongest meta all the time

It’d turn into the same def and off facing off all the time

This would have the potential to impact more people, and make more money for scopely. Hear that scopely? Money. That’s your dinner bell right?

Anyway, my point is that from a strategic marketing perspective, you have two clear routes.
1: offer a product to a small audience for a potentially large pricetag, which is the rng method currently used.
2: offer the same product to much more people for a smaller, fixed pricetag and make it convenient and accessible to as many as possible.

For the second option to work they have to work out how much people are willing to spend without getting crazy for a promo toon. They’d also have to start giving coins as rewards for playing the game, similar to how other game give gold or gems you can buy but also earn. This is the sense of grinding it out, that by playing the game you can earn some in-game currency. Not this crappy rng stuff we just experienced in the pathways event.

Btw, Jeff Bezos built his fortune via the second option. Js


You mean coins in the way of ads, offers, gaining player levels, leagues, scav missions. And Amazon didn’t make a fortune by fixing prices they did it by allowing convenient access between supply and demand, a reliable marketplace and avoiding taxes through an online platform

Good point, but in my post, I suggested updating it every week or so with different characters, so the same characters won’t be available all the time, it goes in cycles so every week brings a new variety of characters available to buy. With that, people know exactly what they are getting for their hard earned coins and currency.
A limit, similar to the league store could be implemented, so you can only buy a character once, and not have a complete team of that specific character by spending.
If truly powerful characters are brought in, then they can be put into the Market less frequently, like once every month or any other sized timeframe.

What’s a fair price?
I mean they are giving a single mod for a thousand bucks spent.

And a few other stuff but still…

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That is not a fair price, by fair price, I mean one determined by how long the character has been in the game, their rarity, abilities and so on.

It’s a bonus your not suppose to pull 280 times to get a Mod. I do agree on part of that Dylan, a marketplace where you could get certain characters would be nice. Not necessarily replacing the wheel but a way to get older characters for a set and guareenteed cost

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The wheels are all shit due to greed based RNG.


dont spend for garbage odds.

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That could work, but Wheels are basically slot machines, they flash, light up and make big sounds when you pull something decent like a 5* or a 6*, that triggers something in people’s heads, which makes them want to make more riskier choices, like spending more.

It is how EA makes so much money from FIFA, when a rare player walks out, fireworks, confetti and bright colours flash which stimulate people’s heads, and encourages more purchases.

I think the Wheels should be done away with completely, it would be a win-win for both players and Scopely, we obtain characters purely by saving up coins and buying at fair prices, while Scopely makes money from players who do decide to spend money on coins to obtain a character.

It’s how I honestly think the game should have been run from the start. And it had/has the potential to make Scopely far more money.
The major problem is the following:

The impression that the majority of us get is that Scopely employees are as lazy AF. They are always pushing out half arsed and half thought through events and features that now they can’t even be bothered to explain to the playerbase. The chance of them doing weekly character updates on toons for purchase is just non existant.

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Your “market” idea already exists and it’s called VK. It makes senses for cheaters pay 200 bucks for a new toon directly from hackers when if you try to do this on the game you gonna end with a big amount of trash 4* and your money wasted

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I do agree, which is why I am suggesting a marketplace where characters can be bought at a fair price. It could be updated every week to mix things up, and to prevent people from buying a full team of one specific character, there can be a limit as to how many of that character that you can buy, like 1 :slight_smile:

I don’t believe in “lazy developers”, there has to be another reason as to why events and features are not what people expect. It could be that they have very strict deadlines to complete development of those events and features. I doubt it is the actual employees, but perhaps the guys upstairs?