Should Scopley balance toons?

So there’s some toons that just don’t work right?

Seem Vincent, Wyatt, Negan, Shane and more get a bad rep.

I’ll stick up for most and try to make them work but it does seems there is a massive divide in usefulness…and a lot of these are or where premier pulls.

Should Scopley or IuGo work on a few of these to give them even alittle boost to be more useable.
Such a shame some of these toons just don’t stand upto others.

If they did revise a few ARs to make some more useful…
who do you think they should do?
What changes would you make?

I’m not saying make them powerful and a top toon.
Just make them a average 6*…like correct a mistake…


I think scopely needs to be debuffing certain toons and buffing others. 5 star Aaron? Buff. 4 star tony? Buff. 6 star beta? Buff. Priya? Nerf. Konrad? Nerf. 6 star war paint shiva? Nerf. But the thing is, if you buff every toon to be as strong as priya or shiva are relative to their star ranking, battles will go back to lasting 2 turns like they did before 6 stars came along. The game becomes too easy but also very frustrating because it’s a stun/taunt/confuse/damage negation fest. But if you nerf any toon to try and even the playing field, the player base will lose their minds, as this fan base in particular is pretty fragile. And you can’t meet I the middle and make them all average because the player base would still flip their shit at the slightest of nerfs. Scopely’s best hope for balancing the game is to make more legacy toons ascendable to give some more combat options.

Personally, if I were running the game, here’s how I would go about it: when you play a digital online game, it comes with the expectation that it will be patched and tweaked as it goes on. Every other online game I know of does this-- so I’m not sure why the rts fan base in particular is so strongly opposed to tweaks. But honestly, the longevity of the game relies on a balance that also makes money. So yes, I’d tweak toons, nerf some, buff some, but I’d also field them in the beta region and on the forums before release in order to get community feedback for tweaking. The community knows what they want, and the developer ought to know how to give that to them without unbalancing the entire game.

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Nope. Once they are out there in the wild it wouldn’t be fair to make changes to them. All toons can be decent when placed on the right team with the right weapon. Too many people just mash the 6 stars they got into one big jumble of crap instead of making sure they all work together and benefit from the leader skill.


Agreed, I saw a team in CRW that was General with all 6*s, 4 we’re tier 4. But they all didn’t really work with each other and did not have any good weapons to go with them. It was as if they just threw them on a team together


That’s someone with a bigger wallet then ability for you, lol. Not suprising.


They should just Buff 4* Allen Up to a 6* stats and then I’m Happy :wink:


That goes without saying. All hail our lord and savior, strong Allen!

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Vincent, Negan, Wyatt bad? Are you kidding?

All of them can be fantastic! I have them all and I kick ass in raids and even defend some.

  1. Negan benefits greatly with an absolute defense weapon and an extra increase to attack. Simply put. You don’t have that, he’s meh.

  2. Wyatt benefits greatly from switching his reflect, but with that being said, I haven’t. I gave my Wyatt extra hp and attack and his beautiful buff to another has saved my ass so much.

  3. Vincent is A FANTASTIC lead! Simply put, once you get characters like Maggie, Aris, Carl, Shiva, even Wyatt, you want them to rush consistently.

Vincent would be a terrible choice for Koa teams, because Koa shouldn’t be rushing. Carl and Koa match perfectly.

Honestly, it’s about how well you use them and with whom. Simply put, you can’t just mash people together and wish success. Like for Wyatt, I always ensure there’s one guy on my team who has a lot more health than someone else so that he buffs that person only. Maggie and him compete for people and when Aris pops off, she heals herself and I run the risk of having Wyatt buffing her. I’ve had to play with weapons and hp levels to get it exactly how I want. Still not perfect as I actually need ONE weaker hp weapon, ironically enough.

Negan sucks ass, but Vincent and Wyatt are good.

Shane is pretty bad but the others are ok

no they should not balance… they should just get a lot more free toons out with different combos of ar/stats/actives/ldr. and but just putting out lots of toons with odd random configurations. we might get actual team variation and odd unique team building opportunities.

if we balance, the game just gets min maxed but even more easily. And why even talk about priya? she is seldom seen in top 10 crw at all… shiva, is everywhere… what counters shiva? Any stun/confuse active… whatever… figure it out, high end play is not supposed to be easy, they added that duel button… use it.

Shane is just misunderstood. :wink:

I don’t have him but if I did I would try him out on defense. 40% def and huge ap bonus on def seems better than being forced to use Mira as my def lead because there are so few f2p alternatives. Give him an impair gun and if he doesn’t die on t1 he should pop with Siddiq if not on his own.

All this being said he pretty much is the weakest of all the 6 stars. They could have thrown him a bone with a 200% attack on his rush. lol

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I was gonna say koa needs a buff but if you changed his active to taunt he could be a decent meat bag he’s not going down turn one he has 6* stats plus instead of ap you could apply the very forgotten def down on defnse from greens because then koa is actually going to applied defnse down which can nf dedly at any amount on a 6* OK he heals himself for 85ap but he not doing anything right so if he does go off hell be going turn 5 because your probaly gonna give him a 30 def 35hp ap down or def down weapon