Should Scopely make the prestige Michonne ascendable?

This has been a question on my mind for some time. The 5* version isn’t that good anymore with the rise of 6*s.

  • Yes
  • No

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No point. Nearly everyone used her as fodder :rofl::rofl:


no doubt. times have changed, so should she. also gives those who persevered and kept her around another option at their disposal.

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All the no people are ones who used her as fodder when Scopley said that they plan to eventually make every 5* a 6* version. Will that happen no, but if they choose the Michonne for the next list please don’t start acting entitled people who used her as fodder, only spenders will get her 6* anyway so you have nothing to be mad about

I’m indifferent, I sold her long before 6* were introduced since I don’t plan on spending my way to prestige 12. I wouldn’t be upset on losing her if she were to become ascendable lol.

In my earnest opinion, 5⭐s still have use. Mainly because other people use them as well so there’s still equal competition. And someone who does AOE damage and a significant debuff for a quick turn is bound to have use on the right team with the right setup. She doesn’t have to be ascendable and she can still have use on a Tower/Territory/SR/Scav Mission/Backup Raid team. But if she does, she’ll definitely be worth ascending if her rush gets an upgrade. An extra turn, bigger debuff, or more damage. Whatever.

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In my honest opinion 5* are boys shouldnt dye their hair purple useless


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I could work with her being ascendable. I got to p12 late last year (yay me) and have her t4 and ready to…help with scav missions

Would be cool if she went from scav to super like Rey in The Force Awakens

Watch them be like P16 to T4 her 6* version lol


Pres mich takes tooo long to bloody upgrade in da first place there are tons out there who deserves 6* for the Og Morgan or drop Morgan Point is Connie her wlequlivent is better than her so if you want a direct upgrade to press mich just ask for a 6* Connie

Regardless of 6* she was obsolete for many long before they could obtain her due to high prestige cost and vastly superior new premier and even F2P 5*'s being released.

She should be made ascendable and prestige cost to get the 5* version reduced.

I have Prestige Michonne in one region & the gear to level her in another, cos that’s how Scopely roll!

So, all things considered, I couldn’t give a flying fuck on free fuck day.


I didn’t.
I used prestige Governor as a fodder, and now I regret doing this.

yup, used my Mich as fodder. She wasn’t that great before she was outdated anyway.

I said No because you cannot max her unless your prestige 12. Which for a F2P that is 500,000 Prestige by 350 a day at 1,429 days of logging in. So you cant ascend unless she is max. There fore NOT EVERYONE has fair chance at her. That is why I said no and I still have her

Contact support, they will move it if you tell them what region the gear is in and what region the Michonne is in. They did it for me with her cloak

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I’m F2P, but if you spend you get an advantage in this game so what’s one 6* who most used as fodder anyway. No point in restricting a prestige 6* because she’s p2p only (like a decent amount of 6*s)

You can only get her from prestige. Period. Not decide to pull one day and get lucky, like the premiers you are referencing. There are plenty of other completely free 5s they should ascend first. That is my point. I believe EVERY 5 should be ascendable at some point, but she is far down on that list

I think 5*s are as uselss as people who claim to be King