Should Scopely make an event for Chandler RIggs? ~spoiler alert~

If you haven’t seen the latest episode, do not continue!!

Because of the death of Carl, one of the last remaining original characters on the show, do you think Scopely should make an event where a 5 or 6* Carl could be the main prize?

Open for opinions and discussion.


Sigh. Scopely doesn’t follow the show. The game is based on the comics. Carl never dies in the comics. Which is why I’m not watching the who any further. There’s too much storyline Carl has that won’t be shown in the shoe now. If scopely made an event like this AMC would sue them or it won’t make any sense because Carl is alive and well in comics


True in all regards. Didn’t think about your points when I posted this.

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I didn’t mean to discourage you. It’s a great idea. One that will probably happen on the other walking dead game, no man’s land. Which follows the show weekly


No you didn’t discourage me at all. You made valid points. I should have thought about this before posting. No Man’s Land is worse than this game with hacks. I left because of it.

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I did not know that. The third game made by disruptor bean was a flop even before release. Can’t even remember its name

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I never liked carl in the show so was no heart break or care for me, I was more into the other story lines going on. Negan is my favorite character anyway. And they killed carl off at his decision so don’t punish AMC or the writers because you cant just recast. Chandler Riggs chose to leave the show, nothing else could be done

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Actually it was Gimple who killed off Carl. It was not Chandler’s decision.

The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs Says Scott Gimple Didn’t Tell Him Carl Was Dying In Initial Conversation About Season 8

Besides, this has nothing to do with his leaving and whos decision it was. The topic was merely a suggestion about honoring a child who grew up on the show, and is no longer there.

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Well that article was counter to what I read the day after the mid-season finale, but it doesn’t matter either way. I never said there should or shouldn’t be an event or special character but like another person posted, the show and this game are not under same agreement

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Hey bro a whisperer bit him

Must be one hell of a bite.

Play as the walker that bit him and I’m down