Should older/dying regions get rewards?

Should older/dying regions get better things than newer ones this wil make more people go there


Go there and trail behind for 6 months before even getting a reasonable team and another 6 months to get weapons near parity. Ha yeah players are flooding in…


Most older/dying regions are closed, so no-one can come in. If they could, there wouldn’t be an issue.


I thought he was going to suggest that we dont get rewards so we leave lol


Its p much impossible to grow in a old region from nothing unless you get a free spot in a top faction.
You need so many medals, gear, toons to even begin to succeed.

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This is why opening a region isn’t the greatest option (albeit still somewhat viable). Merging / clustering existing regions which still have dedicated players is the one of the best options.

if you merge two regions and a player has an account in both region…what happens??

GrAtFuDaSu!!! We deserve everything !!!

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Scopely shouldn’t do that, because it would imbalance cross region war. What they SHOULD do is open up older regions and/or merge them with other dying regions.

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How about they open region so ppl can move between region at will with their account

Because that would be abused. Everyone would just go to dead regions for good rewards and then hop back into the populated regions to fight. There’s no system I can think of on the fly that would both satisfy people by fully allowing that function and that would also keep abuse of the function at bay.

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