Should of, would of, could of game

So I would like to play this game but about Scopely\Iugo and this game The Walking Dead Road to Survival. It is pretty simple, you start with what you think Should of been, then what would of been, and finally could of.
Keep it fun no need to reply to others just your SWC’s!
I will start with one-

Scopely and Iugo should have started with a stash type system for all characters from the start.
This would of made it so you did not get the same character again, unless or until till you already received all characters in game and the counter reset.
This could have eliminated the bore, stagnation, and general repeat of all teams being the same. It could of meant less anger towards them both as well keeping the game thriving and growing.

See simple and easy.
What are your should of, would of, could of?
Try to keep it to one idea per post.

Hey word Nazi, if you actually were one, then you’d know it is correct to say “of” instead of “have”, but go ahead let your stupid out!

It’s appeared in the English language for a long time, and yes while words change and become less used and replaced with other formalities, it does not change that they are acceptable.
If you only were fain to be less Nazi.

He wants us to teach them how game should work, it is understandable, games work on different foundation (competing, fair play, skill, FUN REMEMBER FUN etc). But instead they are disciplining players instead with thinning base of thick skinned/skulls from ones using brain and quitting, and it is working as it should, so…

Worst title ever. Not even my main tongue but this hurts to read.

I guess instead of a game of should of, would of, could of, it has become a game of, of!

I’m so confused with this whole thread

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Dude drop it, definitely it isn’t “of”, just edit post.

I coulda, woulda, and shoulda, wrote in the title like this!
Like the words Bae, Bromance, D’oh, and other recently added words, we may not always agree with them, but when a language is always evolving you have to keep up.


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Ok, okay, whateva,or whatever you got me on wrote because you know wrote means past tense and used that in the title and post before?

Since the mid 80s-till 2000 it was heavily debated the use of “of” instead of have. But sometime around 06-10 it became a correct way but frowned upon way to use of. Wether you agree or not, it is commonly used replacement of have.
I’m pretty sure it was around the time that Ebonics could not be used against a student in schools.

This is the most worstest thread of ever read


I see what you did there.

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Wrong institution.

That is 100% truth. It is probably related to having a laugh.

I enjoy always learning, I’m better at history, but always trying to better myself. While I do not always get it right, I’m always learning. In this case it’s been accepted for going on 10yrs or so.
As for Ebonics schools do not teach to learn these days, it is daycare for parents and they teach for the test not the knowledge.
This is the oldest debate and allowance to be standard from LA, but to this day it has spread to every major city in the USA.
This is a good read- › ebo…
I actually am a student of Illinois school system and learned Spanglish and Ebonics though that was years ago so I can only imagine it’s gotten worse.

Your proof that you are correct, clearly shows it is nonstandard and representative of uneducated speech. Why do you want to defend your position here?

Just say oops and move on.

Maybe they don’t like Nazis? Kinda makes me laugh!
Also if you want it to be unflagged, just add a new period in a edit.

Omg lmao abort this thread! Abort!!


Why abort? Sometimes people do not know things change, like words, unless someone says something. Take the word gay, in the 80s all them older folks saying “they are gay” or its “nice to be gay” (gay=happy before the 80s) and didn’t know they were also saying they were queers. Words change all the time.