Should it take more than 10 hits to clear 300 Walkers in Territories?

Has anyone noticed when clearing Walkers in Territories; the amount you clear is decreasing. It should take more than 10 hits to clear 300, I should have been able to capture Kentucky Farm without issue. In 10 hits only cleared 155?

it should be 2 and 3 tops for higher value territories not anymore, 10 is outrageous already.

Fix Territories Scopely. Stop it crashing. FFS

territories are horrible now

my energy has sat full and will continue to do so until its fixed.

been a month since I even bothered to hit.

(unless it’s something my faction is going for/holding)

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I’m fairly sure that complaints about people walkering territories would go down by 90% if it only took 3 or maybe even 4 hits to clear walkers.


I think you answered your own question

Lol, yeah, didn’t realize my mistake until after posting

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