Should I take Shane from the collection?


I think out of everybody in the 4 choices, he’s the hardest one to get.
Plus I have no blue crit leaders for SR.


then yes


I’m only asking since I’ll only be able to claim once, I don’t want to make a stupid decision.


If you have all the others then take shane, if one really stands out to you then pick that one


I mean if you don’t have Blue Kenny the Shane is your choice


Take him
Just be sure to leave him at 5*


If you dont have glen sure take him


Unless they need a good healer.


he did say “I have no blue crit leads for SR”. That’s why i recommended to leave him at 5*. Some people find out that the crit is gone only after ascending


I’m thinking Glen’ll come up in Supply Depot eventually anyways.
Though he’s my overall best pick I’m resisting the temptation on that basis.


Shane 5* is better than 6* xD


Shane is good as a 6★ healer - across all game modes. But has little other use. His 5★ is great (until you get Kenny) - I didn’t ascend a 6★ Shane until i had maxed a dupe 5★. Rarely use either of right now, in any game mode.

Most playing since earlier this year will have Maggie and Lori and with Glenn available in the depot, it is almost a logical conclusion to get Shane. But I’d say he’s arguably the least useful of the four as a 6★


No. He is terrible


Yes, but don’t ascend him.


At least wait till this weeks lvl ups end as he’s the potential toon, would hate to get him twice in a week.


Eh, SR is pretty easy to beat without crit anyways.


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