Should I start playing?

Hello everyone.

I’m a pretty casual gamer, I tend to play mobile games as you can pick them up and put them down whenever you want.

I was playing another game before this but it got to the point that everytime I went on the forums it was pretty depressing as the events where pretty rubbish, the players kept complaining yet the staff never seemed to take notice. It was a relatively small player base anyway, so I quit.

I went through a few other games since then but found nothing of interest until now.

I’ve only been playing a few days but there is just so much going on and so much to do that I’m quite in we. But before I commit I thought I’d do the forum test, see what the general communities like and tbh, it’s pretty much the same as the last game… Except you have this players united thing going on.

My question is really, is this game worth getting into? Is it going to suddenly have a massive drop in the player base making it unplayable? Is it going to die? Is it just going through a bad patch but will pull through?


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Depends on you. If you do not spend money you will have a hard grind and Scopely tends to milk the cash cow.


I only tend to spend small amounts. I bought that monthly coin pass package as in my experience, deals like that tend to be good value for money if you have patience.

I like grinding games, seeing your progression vs other players is great motivation.

Agree. But grinding now gets you little. P2W can buy their way through the game, which is ok, but when grinding we should be able to get good toos as well. Not the crap that gets thrown at us.


I can see how that would be very off-putting.


This game has so much potential to be great but there are many issues from Scopely. Constant bugs that they haven’t fixed in years. We just had what is considered the most fun event this weekend and many players were locked out of their game and Scopely didn’t fix it before they went home for the weekend. There are many parts of the game that have been outdated for several years and serve no purpose to anyone anymore. There has recently been a huge gap open up from pay players and free players. Some of the characters are so OP that there is just not much a free player can do when attacking them. There are so many issues that it’s honestly hard to remember them all. Scopely has promised to work with the players to fix their game but so far we aren’t impressed. This last weekend was a monster disappointment. If they don’t begin to listen to the players soon (which they just promised to do) there won’t be any players left except for the truly addicted


And has this players united situation shown any signs of the company taking notice and working on fixing those bugs?

Tbh, year old bugs is pretty abysmal.


They have promised to work with and listen to us but honestly most kinda think they are full of crap. These are issues that have been mentioned numerous times and nothing has happened. To be fair they made this promise only a few days ago but most don’t really believe anything will change but who knows

I think some players are still locked out. Going on 5 days. There is an event going on right now to receive a better than average character and these people will miss out on it because of this

You mean locked out as in the event or the game?

But yeah, either way isn’t good.

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The game. It won’t load for them. They aren’t locked out because they did anything bad. It’s a tech issue and Scopely either couldn’t get it fixed or they just didn’t care enough to try. Given their history of treating players most of us are guessing the second

I’ma be real with ya, this is a 4 year old game that’s being sunsetted and unless you have a extra $1000-$2000 laying around for that new weekly promo it’s almost impossible to compete so I’d get out while ya can best thing I ever did was quit now I just lurk forums to see it all blow away. @xxx


Yeah, I don’t think I’d start all over again. Which is sad because it use to be a ton of fun but it’s more of a chore and a headache. Has been for at least a year

No, dont play this game!! Run as far as you can as fast as you can. Save yourself


Hard pass, find something else to play. For a long time this game was fun to play, but too many mechanics and items in the game are buried behind paywalls if you want to succeed. With the money you’d save not playing (should you choose the P2W route), you’ll be able to own a very portable console like a Switch, or buy any mobile game in your Google Play/iTunes store. Or you can download a sudoku app and solve endless puzzle for $0. There’s great people in this game who would help you though if you did play, but you’re helping yourself by not starting.

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Sad to hear.

Because it’s new to me it’s all shiny and exciting, but all things are I guess at one point.

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How do u create a poll? Someone should make one about if you would recommend this game or not.


That would be pretty interesting to read.

Might be worth reading…
We the #playersunited

Or maybe the forum in general