Should i replace some one for connor



What other 6*s do you have? Barker would be a better lead with Ezekiel for the guardian shields, otherwise in that current team I would remove Shane or Viktor. Connor will benefit from Barkers lead skill, Viktor, Shiva, and Shane don’t, but I would keep Shiva given how powerful she can be.

I would do Shane though


Viktor. I’d say Shane but you have no other healers on your teams.


These are my only 6 stars


That’s true, you will want a healer, Viktor is still decent though, he has neut and decent damage. It depends on what you are using the team for.


I use this team for every thing i dont have any decent 5 stars but Viktor and shane are keepers because i dont have any other healers or neutralizers


not a big healer, but Maggie active skill heal 2x for 25%


drop shane, connor is amazing for nerfing attack and defense.


Dedinitly remove shane i sont see him bei g that useful


Replace Maggie wih connor
And replace shane with g2 zeke
Viktor is awesome as well green neut with stun on atk are awesome plus he’s basically a green gov lol


6* Connor should be your leader instead of barker. Ascend him asap.
Then I’d probably replace victor - keep a healer


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