Should I purchase Naya from league tokens?

After viewing the awful season 3 toon rewards, I was wondering if Naya was worth buying? I only want Clem from season 3 too.


if you need a yellow attack toon then yes. she is worth it

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Because the forums dictate your decisions, you should buy her, and then print her out to have her forever. Or better yet, print out a picture of Eugene.

Same for me as that blue Clem has always eluded me. I also picked up Naya and Tara after seeing the s3 toons. I still have enough tokens for Clem and Shawn and we can always earn more during the season. I’m curious to see how many jackets and hats will be needed and at what cost because the same tokens are pretty much the only way to get our 6-star gear too.

If you have a leader for hugh ap its ok but it would be better if you have something like this


Thanks guys. Imma buy her.

I personally am saving up my tokens for season 4. I have my eyes on that one character with the 100% taunt weapon.

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Behind Abe got her to 4,789 attack

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give hime bleed mods you can’t stack burn damage (mod+weap/ap)

Burn mod on Lacerator
Bleed mod on Firestarter

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I got her for my team and she’s been more than worth it. I mainly play melee though. It all depends on your team composition.

Use bleed on lacerator it stacks and doubles

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I love naya personally, shes badass and is going behind maggie next to firestarter maggie

Unless you can buy naya now and still have enough to buy the new toons… if not, save for the new toons, Shawn and Nik.

If you chose Maggie from choose your side and have Yumi could have a nice damage team. Only issue is in the current meta may be more of a liability. But meta is always changing and as it does you never know what toons will shine

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And thoughts on Tara if you have the other two and ample leagues tokens?

Tara is good for attack teams, pair her with an attack and defense lead. She shreds alerts like a corrupt politician through incriminating paperwork.

Source: I’ve witnessed the slaughter firsthand.

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serious… bleeding mods only lasts one lap

so as much to put 4 mods of bleed on others characters (4x200max) and a burn (300 max) on the lacerator.
Exception if you play with 2 lacerator

Note:I don’t have a lacerator but i don’t believe that the bleed mods/weapons effect before the power of specialist

I have lacerator toon. I’ve found bleed mod works the best. The effects of mod and weapon stack and double

ok thx for the reply

Please tell me more about how burn doesnt stack