Should I pull for Gov?

He’s the next promo, I’m thinking about buying that 20 dollar offer in an attempt for him

Don’t do it. Don’t give in!



Besides the #playersunited movement, that answer is no. He’s not very good.


If ur atk or def sucks now he won’t add much spunk to it

You guys realize that every thread he makes is for attention and most of it I’m pretty sure not even he believes.


I agree. It’s extremely annoying.

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I’ve never had a problem going against him. And I run f2p characters with the exception of Gabriel.

In my opinion I would save your coins for the future. We already know S class toons are still being pushed out which are 1000 stat pts stronger than gen 2 6*. At this point you may as well wait, especially with the Meta changing every couple of weeks

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Yellow governor.

He sucks. Havent seen a good def with him yet

Why not? For me is very good, but you know the odds. If tou can take the risk…

he is good on defence if there are also other toons who need to be controlled turn 1 for example 2x Elle or coles if he is the only turn 1 threat then he is weak

No players United

Gov is good if you know how to use him. Under the right team and weapon/mod set up you can get his AR to go off every other turn.

Lol his AR goes off every turn. Not every other turn.


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