Should I perhaps

The value of this BP is too big to pass…

Should I join the dark virgin side?

Or remain the pure Chad F2P god?

(how to make pools jesus)


Depends if you can part with $20 and it not harm you financially. I’m not spending anymore though.

How the fυck am I gonna be harmed financially by 20€?

I’m just Have been f2p for the 5 years I have played…

dont know if I can let that.

It’s really up to you. I doubt anyone really cares regardless. No offense, of course.


Dont reply to this post then beuh

You asked for opinions, and I answered.


If you start giving in to temptation now, you might get addicted to crack later…


its true man, that BP is a gateway drug.

if you really want it, get it. 20$ isn’t all that big a deal, its arguably the best value in RTS right now, and if you get that itch scratched you can pass the next time around.

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Do you think he wonders why?

I have no idea why his region doesn’t like him


I really wonder…

I couldn’t have done anything to piss everyone off.


That’s what I’m afraid off…

That’s weird, that region loved me and Stryder and especially me :smiley:

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Hmmm. Tricky decision you have there Steve. I will be waiting on what you choose!

*Taps F2P Pass absent mindedly*


Personally wait until near the end, then weigh up your options, 48 days is a long time

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This right here is how I am playing this situation as well, waiting to see how far I get with the BP points, and deciding if its worth while taking the plunge. That gun in tier 30 looks pretty damn sweet …

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Wait an see is way to go… I’m watching my progress as is before part with any money… 1st one good this one seems too good to be true

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If I do this I will lose my F2P pass…And wont be able to live without it…

It’s part of me…Being F2P and beating P2W’s

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Dude just buy its good value…game is 4 years old wats the worst you can do. And to add the f2p flex badge lost vaule when we all basically have access to “decent” toon.

You either use crack or be at the top of the game but I’ve never seen anyone able to do both successfully until woc4 according to old man biff