Should I? Or Should I not?

I really want erika. saved up 2200 coins to do a 10 pull for her… BUT…Should I? Or should I wait for someone “better”??? The top 3 factions all have her and shes really good, but will there be someone to counter her?

She already has a countered blue tye decapitate and blue, that and any ap down or neut ttoons as defence she isn’t that great on attack however different ball game

IF Tyreese gets a chance, he’ll easily one shot her. Any stun weapons/impair weapons also destroy her. Although I suppose that’s true for every toon in the game. If there’s an increased chance for her, go for it. Otherwise I’ll hold. Scoeply seems to love bringing out new Ascendables in the premier recruits, although none of the newer ones have been amazing. I’m sure something good will definitely pop up.

What @Mr_Death said, blue Ty is absolutely the answer to Erika, that’s why I run him. He can make short work of an Erika lead team.

You should wait till they disclose odds then see the .05% chance you have to get her… then save your coins for war repairs


Her rush is incredibly slow, feels more like 100 than 76

absolutely Not … !!
save your coin , 10 pull just give you all 3* toons…
and if you have Dwight and Tyreese ( most of F2P player should have them) with double attack or impair guns …

Erika become something useless… !!

Erika is overrated if you ask me. Yeah, if she goes off, she’ll cause problems… But with the amount of strong blues around she’s really easy to rip through. Tyreese is a hardcounter to her and I dont know any active player who doesnt have him.

but with erika holding a stun and huge bonus to ap when taking damage and extra hp or def and miraboobs lead and boom indestructible. o and a siddiq aswell

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Not indestructible, any player with some 6* blues can easily rip Erika teams apart. Only worth if you have 5 ranged 6*, all with special weapons (stun + impair), otherwise, don’t waste coins.

I think you should do it. She’s the best toon in the game right now.

Save for a rainbow Garrett defense

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Don’t bother with erika why pull for any toon with such a slow rush players already have too much power in their hands between commands , free to play blues, and active skills that kill any strategy to be had. Would wait till scopely actually start releasing characters with 56-58ap cost tagged with leaderskills that give huge bonus AP when attack for all range or melee whether it’s 40attack or 40 defense. But that’s just me I rather screw teams over by second turn on defense

The real answer is that there will always be someone ‘better’ so you’ll be waiting a long time if you only want to pull for the ‘best’. Also, there will always be a counter to every character. The game and coins are yours and there’s no right answer, so do what feels right.

That being said, I would try waiting until next year and seeing how the new ascendable 6* from old legacy chars changes the game, then go from there.

Save for first human shield 2

Yeah I’m sure everyone in the top 3 factions “have her”, im willing to bet there are some in those top 3 who dont have her, so keep overracting. she isn’t even hard to beat. You need to wait and buy a better toon when it comes out. If you think you need her to beat teams then you’re doing something wrong. I don’t have her or any of the other promos and beat teams nonstop. Have 11 6* and all were free from previous toons.

Given my recent luck in pul I would say absolutely not. You will likely get 8 3* and a couple 4* if you are lucky.

I have been using my coins in YGL cooldown skips and war repairs mostly these days.


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