Should I keep the Andrea (SC)?

I want to ascend my Aiko and I only have 7 Benedicts. The only way to get a Benedict now is with the level up tournament but you have to be on the top 50 and there’s no way I can reach that. My Andrea is useless right now, I’m not planning to pay for the SC so I’m guessing If I should waste it.

Just save Andrea, you’ll get a new Benedict or worthless 5* soon.

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Aiko is great. Level up rewards are trash anyways, might as well wait until you get another Benny.

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I have a t4 aiko and I’ll be honest she is worthless wait on something else.

Aiko is one of my favorites, simple but heavy hitting

Let me rephrase. She’s kawaii desu ne, and that’s the main thing going for her.

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