Should I get the league Zeke for my defense team?

I just don’t know what to do and S1 is approaching it’s end, so I’ll let you guys throw some feedback.
My current defense team is:

  • Erika (Leader)
  • Hunter
  • Aris (with absolute defense)
  • Konrad (human shield)
  • Yumiko (Yellow, with high attack and crit for annoying rivals)

My though is that if I replace Yumiko with Ezekiel I would get another healer to annoy my rival and maybe win by time out. Also, I was thinking of making him the lead so Aris can get the vit buff and resist even more.

But ugh, I need some opinions.
Thank you guys in advance!

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at least zeke gets bonus from erika lead skill right?

yes he recover stun and confuse and also heal and give bonus hp…Buy him he is worth it

Recovers impair not sun… big difference

red zeke + erika is annoying AF

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Is that true for ascending league zeke u need green 5*zeke?

Lol no where did you hear that?

If you have a shield maybe

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A clanmate said that,he said without green zeke from museum u cant ascend him


i dont know how helpful he is on offence but, unless you have shields and revives and need to add to it, ive neber had any problems with teams with him in the setup, quite easy to be honest.

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Yeyp sorry my bad

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My def team has one shield (Konrad…no 6* shields for now) and two revives (Hunter and Erika) so I thought it would be a good add. I just got it so I’ll ascend it and see how it goes…

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