Should I get Rick or Camila?

I’ve been wondering which of the 2 to get from the season store.

I have no attack lead for melee characters, so Camila would be a good choice to fill that void

Rick could be good paired with my Charlie, so I’ve been considering him too.

  • Rick
  • Camila

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Camilla in a landslide not even debatable


Especially with no melee attack lead. Boat that won’t float


Camila is obtainable via 5* tokens, Rick via prestige.

You could use that as a way to decide.

Both if you can get em, camilla if you can’t

I might by the end of the season, but not at the moment

If you struggling for tokens skip rock he isnt good

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I got both. Im probably gonna dupe my team and remove wyatt in exchange for double lacerators . And dupe again and remove wyatt again for camilla lead.

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