Should I get Christa or James? (Closed)

I’ve been debating with myself over it for a while, both are good, in their own ways.

I’m trying to determine which would be better based on my current roster (I don’t have screenshots, so I suppose a list will have to do.)

  • Aiko
  • Michonne (Blue Disarm)
  • Ezekiel (Shiva Force)
  • Mercer
  • Solange
  • The Governor (Neutralize)
  • Wyatt
  • Mirabelle (Red Lead) (x2)
  • Carl (Green Lead)
  • Garrett (Green)
  • Javier
  • Hershel (Revive)
  • Konrad
  • Shiva (Cutthroat)
  • Vincent (x2)
  • Maggie
  • Kenny
  • Princess
  • Charlie
  • Sawyer
  • Laura
  • Lee
  • Shawn
  • 5-Star Governor (The Calm Before)
  • 5-Star Tara (Faction Assault)
  • 5-Star Hershel (Miles Behind Us)
  • 5-Star John
  • 5-Star Morgan (No Way Out)
  • 5-Star “Gator”
  • 5-Star Michonne (Winter Edition)
  • 5-Star Rick (Lacerator)

Now, time for the question of the hour, which one should I choose? James or Christa?


  • Christa
  • James

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I went for Christa, James’ usefulness is too niche to have a use for me.

I feel like when paired with Lacerator Rick and Charlie, he could be quite useful, but idk


Christa will play to your Mira lead. You have some good melee but not seeing an attack lead to compliment James

You could go Carl lead and build a Lacerator team once you ascend Rick maybe, but I’m not schooled on bleed teams yet.

Honetly, either way this plays out, its an L on my part, because I’ll be losing out on a pretty good toon no matter which I choose


Would make a decent team. Double waste not.

Yeah but you get a great one too. So it’s aggressive neutral lol


that is EXACTLY what I was thinking

That is the exact team I had in mind for if I chose her

her and Aiko being on the same team would be DEADLY


and I got flagged…


Anyways, so far, Christa seems to be winning, which is understandable, as she is a pretty bomb toon

you said the f word

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I was also thinking

Green Garrett, Christa, Gov, Carl, and Mira would be a good team, maybe

aw heck man

I require v o t e s

damn, Christa is owning this poll

prolly gonna choose her

Go by your lead toons, right now i only see Mira and Carl. Carl is a defense lead. You can make a good melee team if you pick Camilla from Store. Burn Bleed combo can be deadly. Just depends on your playstyle.

Green Garrett is also a lead, all Strong and Alert teammates get +40% HP and a huge bonus to AP when taking damage

That lead skill is defense based though just like Carl’s