Should I exchange the Blue Keys for other collectibles even if I don't have Pete yet?

I’m currently going for Laopo, and since I probably won’t use Pete I’m thinking it would be worth it to exchange the Blue keys for the chocolate cakes. Is that worth it, or would it be wasteful?

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Pete is good to have for all your toons
But it’s really your preference.

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I’d stick with the blue keys since you only get 1/2 the amount unless you don’t want pete

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You can only convert twice currently. So in the end all it does is give you 500 chocolate cakes. Not crucial, but depends how badly you want Laopo. Personally I wouldn’t.

there’s no bullets of other colcletibles

Thanks for the input y’all, I’ll think it over.

I’d say yes. Unless you forgo having Pete as your lead, craft him a stun gun, give him high level stun and impair resists… He’s one of the easiest S class to deal with imo.

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I am in your position and I used my keys to claim cakes for laopo because she is my main priority

No Pete is awesome on attack and defense

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I would say yes. Pete is easy to deal nowadays

If you’ve saved this long, get Pete.
I got him a couple weeks back and hes great

If you want a stun gun on Pete but don’t want to craft his you can upgrade his weapon to 5 star and switch it out for an epic stun gun you craft

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