Should I do a ten pull for Naya?


She seems like a good attacker.


Contemplating the same thing…


Well this thread can answer our question(hopefully). Oh btw goodluck if you do pull for her.


I have coins for a 10 pull…a 10 pull will give me the 5 remaining 3yr tokens I need for another pull…just unsure if Naya is the toon I would like a chance at or if I am better waiting for a revive or shield which I need more…she does seem like an absolute beast for attack though.

I know either way I am unlikely to get the toon I want though :frowning:


Naya is a really good counter to Magna teams.


I use naya in my attack team shes pretty good i think shes worth


How much pulls did you for her?


What did you do with mods for her?


Not to be rude, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get her.


very rare to get the toon from a single ten pull


Youll for sure want a stun resist since her rush acts like a regular attack and i dont remeber i think i did a 40


Just got her off a single ten pull :slight_smile: yaaay


I am well aware of my amazing chances, probably got more chance of being struck by lightening but still.haha


I want to die. Congrats :frowning:


Congratulations :slight_smile:


This is what I have done to mine, tried to balance her out a bit.


Am wondering what team you use with her? Do you use other toons with burn effects? Is she worth going for?


how tf does almost everyone have Naya lol


Wow you did her proud !!! I wasthinking about running her behind Lydia


Why couldn’t yellow romanov have these fire blades? What’s wrong with scopely!