Should I do a ten pull for Alice or save?


I did a ten pull and got all four stars and one five star, should I do another or save? I have 2,250 coins


Shes worth it. But if you need those coins to compete in events and such id say no. It depends on what y0u value most


Having Alice would make the game super easy. Getting Alice with these crap odds is not worth spending a single real penny on.


Save for a 40 pull


Single pull, 10 pull, and 40 pulls have the same exact chance to get the toon. 2% per pull.

Then when you actually hit that 2% the odds for the one you recieve are hidden.

Increased chances my butt.


I have Alice… my game didn’t get super easy!! Where do I take a number :upside_down_face:


Go for it. I got Lydia in a single pull once, maybe you can be lucky too.


Entirely up to you. As a toon she offers so many things, amazing leader skill & adrenaline rush. Aren’t many toons worth pulling for over her currently, i’d say risk the 10 pull!


Wish I’d only done a 10 pull. Would’ve probably been the same result, jack shit.


Alice is the new meta so if you’re going to pull it should be for her.


Guess you need to know how to use her…


Talking as someone on a 400 pull fail I would say YES, my fails should increase your odds Lol


My 10 pull was a fail too…


She’s the best toon in the game. If you can watch videos and get some coins back before war it might be worth it.


Your fails only increase someone elsés odds if there is a limited supply.

It’s like what’s the chance of flipping heads on the 10th flip if you’ve pulled 9 heads in a row? Still 50%.


I got lucky on a ten. She is the best toon for offense right now. No question about it


I believe she is worth every coin you have. She made my attack team that good. Pair her with green alpha or Shawn and everyone dies in round 3


She is a beast on attack, no doubt about it. I beat almost every team with her.
It’s up to you buddy. I got her on a 10 pull of saved coins from League, but you might not be so lucky.
If you decide to pull for her, good luck!


I did 4 10 pulls from all my league coins and 30 days pass all I got is 2x 6* fast beta xD ahh


So I should do single pulls instead?