Should I come back to RTS?

The mobile games I have right now are boring me, is the game playable yet?

Like you ever quit :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: supposedly gone two weeks already talking about is the game good lmao


Do you want me to reinstall it so I can show you my empty ass roster?

Go away. Don’t get trapped. I got sucked back in because thanks to my region slowly dying, I was able to rank high enough to get the free Bennies and ascendance medals. Ascended about like 3 or 4 toons plus I got red shield Magna 6⭐ out of the Survival Depot so I just stayed. Kinda regretting especially how I feel like getting those other S-Class toons from the museum is gonna be a bitch and a half. But if you really have nothing better to play, then come suffer with us. Honestly, my Switch will be back a few days later and I want to get back to Warframe but even then, I bet I’ll still play RTS regularly.


I think you should come back for the memes :slightly_smiling_face:


Exclusively for @Parker




You should come back too instead of teasing us with your existence every 2 months lol



Miss yall so hard :wink:


Kinda fun.

It’s always been about my entertainment. Never about those I happen to entertain.

I got that from some of your opinions you spouted :wink:


#2 all time Forumer. Out ranked @Parker. Goes to show. Nice isnt right. Come to the dark side.


Not bad after an absence. Do I get a trophy or plaque???

If not I’m staying away.


Bs margins. Only one vote off being a legitimate poll not requiring a recount!

You just gotta use more gifs.


Hahaha I forgot exactly what that one was. Just saw pickle. Yeah go pickle.

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@SHADY live footage.

Damn right @Wanderer! Everyone has been wondering what you’ve been up to, well now they know. Riding motorbikes through the barren desert. Lol

Miss ya old buddy!

Yes start playing the game again. Never post in the forums anymore.

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Why wasn’t I on the forum members poll? I would’ve won!

And yes, if you’re curious I installed the game again just to show my burned down roster. I forgot I had 4k bullets for Raulito, lol

Rewards are now even worse, though I’m not surprised.

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