Should I change mods


Should I swap Kennys attacking mods for Jesus’s defensive mods?


Nope that would cause the set bonus to disapear. :slight_smile:


No it wouldn’t, it would just swap which toon had which set bonus :confounded:

Depends how you use them is the answer, If you use Jesus on an attack team swap them, if you don’t then leave them as they are.


Ah right. All mods… would still say no. I believe Jesus should already be able to 1 shot most toons. Greens would barely survide under Carl lead.


I say change them. Jesus is more of an attacking char so he should get attacking stats. Yeah, he may be able to kill greens but what about the other colors? Kenny is a supporter so he needs to stay alive with more defensive mods.


I use them both on attack and defence for now. In game Jesus’s attack around 3.8k and defence 1.8k and Kennys is 3.5k attack and 1.9k defence


Yeah I was thinking that about Kenny guess I’ll swap them around once I get enough scraps, thanks for the advice guys.


Defense against blue is almost a must for Jesus. After that, go with high damage or maybe focus on keeping him alive


I know but sadly I don’t have one with an attack bonus so I’d lose out on that but I think I’ll try out swapping the sets, just stupid it’s 9k just to remove all mods


Might want to wait for another weekend unequip discount event…


Sold some mods I don’t need so I got enough now